How to start.

How to start


Armbeep captures 833 individual data points per second. A typical practice session lasts an hour and a half up to two hours. You do the math on how much insight you’re losing by not taking the 5 seconds to power up and tuck the data device under the player’s armband.

And capturing data is not just about statistics. The more data you upload into the Armbeep Dashboard, the greater level of detail and predictability our intelligent algorithms will provide, in return helping you make more informed, better decisions.

Battery life is typically not an issue, but do keep it charged, either by connecting it to a computer regularly or charging manually via the USB charger.


The data device is all about what and how the player performs. The smartphone app is all about game context – match score and stats. And the more context you add, the greater understanding of your player’s game you’ll get in return.

So start developing the habit of opening up the app when practice or a match starts. This will pay great dividends in the long run. 

Add comments, mark winning shots and rally duration. Or have someone else input these instead of writing down stuff in journal or booklets.


In the ideal world of our instructional videos, you will stand at the sidelines, vigilantly tracking every move your player makes, focusing on the most outstanding moves and the slightest faults, making notes and comments into the smartphone app.

In the real world though, things get in the way. You sometimes have to stretch your attention to several players in a session. You take care of the whole team and have to collaborate with assistant coaches. Or you’re away on tour or travel while your players have to prepare. 

That’s why the Armbeep Dashboard lets you go over the session or match data during cool down. Or you can catch up on every session when you have time. Sitting on the balcony of a hotel room 4 thousand miles away, you will see the training session unfold shot by shot, rally by rally. 

The data, graphs and indexes will show you how the player is progressing and how well your instructions were executed.


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