Unleashing the power of data with Armbeep - the ultimate player's watch

Former Slovenian Davis Cup captain Aleš Filipčič boasts a…
Armbeep big data analytics

Jobs of the future - Smart-assisted sports coach

Smart-assisted sports coach - data and AI skills will help coaches…

What Armbeep users say

Armbeep has been helping several professional tennis players…

[FREE E-BOOK] Should we redefine our coaching philosophy?

Download free copy of the E_BOOK and find the answers to the questions that can help us better define our coaching philosophy.

Digital technology, data and player development in tennis - PART 2

“If you’re a scientist, and you have to have an answer, even…

How to Watch Tennis: Trust Number, Not Eyes

By Craig O'Shannessy I want you to watch the United States…

Digital technology, data and player development in tennis - Part 1

“Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or…

A Wearable Device and System for Movement and Biometric Data Acquisition for Sports Applications

This paper presents a miniature wearable device and a system…

3rd place at US Tennis Industry Association 2018

3rd place at US Tennis Industry Association 2018 Innovation Challenge TIA…

How many shots should junior tennis players hit per week?

More frequent trainings which last longer and include very high…

Can we measure the tennis player's workload?

There used to be a well-known rule, that in order to achieve top-class quality in any activity, be it in sports, music, dancing or something else, you need 10.000 hours of practice in the period of 10 years.

How data matter for winning a tennis match?

Valtteri Bottas won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix round of the Formula One season, followed closely by four-time world champions Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.
How to start.

How to start

The best way to make the most out of your Armbeep kit straight out the gate is to follow three simple rules.
Press room.

Armbeep at ITF Coaches Conference

Designed by coaches for coaches is not a slogan. It’s fact. We started this journey a few years back. As tennis professionals, passionate players and scientific researchers. 
What coaches say and like.

What coaches say and like

Launching a new product is hard. You have to do things like fine tune its design, deal with manufacturing and build the damn thing, handle promotion ...

Notation Of Tennis Matches – Past And Present

Notation (performance analysis, match charting...) of a tennis match is crucial for analysis of player's strengths and weaknesses which include all four main areas of tennis: tactical, technical, mental and physical.
PAT devices in tennis

Player Analysis Technology (PAT)

As the technology evolves with this rapid rate, so must our approach to coaching in tennis.
tennis in the zone

How to Enter the Zone

"That sixth Wimbledon (title) against Andre Agassi I got in the zone," said Pete Sampras in one of his interviews.

Tools We Used to Help Our Players

Every serious tennis player needs a coach as there needs to be a mentor with more experience and knowledge about the game that can guide the player through various stages of competitive tennis.
tennis player coach parent

Tennis Triangle

Tennis is an individual sport at first glance as the player is obviously alone on the court battling it out with his opponent.

Smartphone Apps for Tennis Notation

The tennis notation apps have become more and more sophisticated as the modern smartphones and tablets can process a lot of data very quickly.

Ideal Performance State in Tennis And How to Achieve It

The Ideal Performance State (IPS) is a term coined by Dr. Jim Loehr, a renowned sports psychologist who worked with many of the top tennis players on their mental game.

How to Evaluate Tennis Players' Match Performance

The main goal of evaluating player's performance in a tennis match is to improve performance under pressure and to decrease the risk of injury.

How Parents Can Help Young Tennis Players on a Tournament

The main role of the parent is to encourage and support their child. A tennis match is a very stressful situation for a young person ...

Heart Rate Variability and Sport Performance

When doing exercise or training, most people monitor the heart rate, the calorie burn, the BPM, and other variables.

Tennis coaches: How Objective and Useful is Our Feed-back After a Tennis Match

One of the most important jobs of a tennis coach is to provide to his player easy-to-understand and actionable feedback after match play.