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Armbeep at ITF Coaches Conference

Designed by coaches for coaches is not a slogan. It’s fact. We started this journey a few years back. As tennis professionals, passionate players and scientific researchers. 

We had this crazy idea about data driven tennis that will shift our industry towards game based coaching. And we knew the moment we would start talking about it everyone would probably misunderstand us. 

They would confuse our invention with a run of the mill app for scorekeeping or tennis statistics. Or think that it’s a less colorful and nerdier version of those strap-on things Babolat is selling.

And by the time we would try to sort this mess out, explain and show what we mean, no one would be paying attention anymore.

That’s why we picked the annual ITF Coaches Conference for our big launch event. And instead of talking about it and sending out e-mails with catchy marketing wording, our Chief Science Officer prof. Ales Filipcic, put on his best pair of tennis shoes, stood in front of 700 skeptical looking experts and played tennis.



The rest as they say is history. Ales demonstrated how we took simple data logging devices but increased their accuracy and reliability by a tenfold. So they can tell us not only if you made the shot and weather it was a forehand or backhand, but also how precise, powerful and accurate you played. We can even detect a risk of injury.

But all this doesn’t happen on your wrist or in the smartphone app. Armbeep lives and delivers insight in the cloud. That’s where the big data algorithms go to work. Interpreting things. Providing feedback that lets you eliminate underperformance. Calculating a player’s emotional state. Giving you a bird’s eye view stretching overs seasons, of a player or the whole team.


It was truly great discussing these exciting features with the best and brightest minds in tennis. Through the conference, we had coaches approach and engage with Armbeep. Listening to their questions and stories confirmed that this is the way forward. And it also validated our belief that it’s our job to significantly empower the coaches with data, not undermine or replace their role.

Many people took advantage of our promotional offer, adding to the number of growing users.

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