A Wearable Device and System for Movement and Biometric Data Acquisition for Sports Applications

This paper presents a miniature wearable device and a system for detecting and recording the movement and biometric information of a user during sport activities. The wearable device is designed to be worn on a wrist and can monitor skin temperature and pulse rate. Furthermore, it can monitor arm movement and detect gestures using inertial measurement unit. The device can be used for various professional and amateur sport applications and for health monitoring.

Because of its small size and minimum weight, it is especially appropriate for swing-based sports like tennis or golf, where any additional weight on the arms would most likely disturb the player and have some influence on the player’s performance. Basic signal processing is performed directly on the wearable device but for more complex signal analysis, the data can be uploaded via the Internet to a cloud service, where it can be processed by a dedicated application.

The device is powered by a lightweight miniature LiPo battery and has about 6 h of autonomy at maximum performance.

Architecture of the wearable device and system for movement and biometric data acquisition. Wearable device is storing biometric and movement information during exercise. Basic processing is performed on the wearable device. The data is uploaded to a cloud service for detailed analyses and big data processing via PC application.

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